TWIN DOLLY can be equipped with all camerahead fit

TwinDolly is essentially an effectively designed wheeled top hat and low foot bowl. When used with TwinTube, it can be compared with traditional old camrail. It has the same elements as the slider, but definitely has more uses. This is a simple small cart and tracking system for heavier cameras like Arricam or fully functional Red or Alexa. TwinTube is the name of the track used with TwinDolly, which is the ideal way to travel. You only need to have support for every other connection, so you can guarantee quick setup. With the additional TwinSliderBase, you can use any number of TwinTubes to create a Slider or Overkeeper and mount it on any camera tripod. TwinDolly can be equipped with all camera accessories, either straight or tilted. The additional TwinDollyMotor makes it possible to use electric TwinDolly. The tip protector prevents the camera and trolley from falling into the TwinTube. Rotating the arm will prevent the BNC from tripping the wheels.