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The company is located at 114, Section 2, Chengde Road, Taipei city. It has been engaged in film production equipment rental for many years. It operates in good faith, is steady and practical, and sincerely serves every customer. It has many customers who love and support it. In order to meet the needs of many customers, it often introduces the latest film shooting materials.

Recently, the introduction of American Jimmy triangle Pro has innovative structure and portability, ranging from 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 40 feet (12 meters), to meet your professional needs in the studio or on-site.

Yongxiang film is committed to introducing the latest film shooting equipment

The introduction of gf-multi jib is a professional, lightweight and modular boom arm, suitable for carrying all general far lens systems. It's portable, portable, and can be installed on most standard trolleys with euro adapter or Mitchell brackets. The arm is easy to install through the cable, with system stability. Typically, a 2 x 150 cm section is used as an extension of the forearm, while a 100, 50, and 30 cm section is used as the back and front sections. Simply combine these parts and build the arm to the length you need to achieve a variety of configurations.

In the shooting process, every detail of power supply, signal transmission and accessories installation will affect the operation experience. Ronin 2 has been carefully designed to fully meet the needs of professional shooting. The PTZ provides rich interfaces, and stores the cables in the body to prevent winding and damage. The dual battery system supports hot plug, enables the PTZ to work continuously, and further improves reliability.

Our customer base

Production teams of major film companies in Taiwan

By major film companies, often long-term cooperative location shooting rental

Taiwan's major television companies

Rental equipment for TV series shooting, long-term shooting use

Studios that love film making and movie lovers

Rental to film studios, with film lovers and filmmakers